Pricing and menu items subject to change without notice.


house made cremini risotto, stuffed with feta and a bit of hot cherry pepper then fried golden brown and served with marinara sauce. 8.99

Fried Zucchini V
fresh sliced zucchini, breaded and garnished with grana parmesan and served with marinara. 7.99

Caprese Insalata GF V
cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil tossed in garlic infused olive oil and seasoned with sea salt. 8.99

Fried Calamari
lightly seasoned calamari served with marinara and lemon wedge. 8.49

Bruschetta V
grilled ciabatta topped with an assortment of tomato caprese, pesto, fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers. 7.99

Fried Fresh Mozzarella V
lightly breaded fresh mozzarella served with marinara. 8.99

Burrata and Prosciutto Crostini
prosciutto di parma , grilled ciabatta, arugula and cherry tomato drizzled with our extra virgin olive oil dressing. 10.99

Buffalo Hot Wings
with house made buffalo sauce, celery, carrot and a choice of bleu cheese or ranch dressing. 7.99sm/11.99lg


Dressing Choices: Citrus Vinaigrette, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Italian Vinaigrette, Bleu Cheese, Ranch. Add Grilled Chicken ($3.49) or sautéed shrimp ($5) to any salad.


Minestrone Soup V
tomato, cannellini beans, fresh vegetables and pasta topped with grana parmesan. 3.99 cup/4.99 bowl

Classic Caesar V
crisp hearts of romaine, grana parmesan and house made croutons tossed with creamy caesar dressing. 4.49sm/8.29lg

Garden Salad V
mixed greens, tomato, carrots, cucumbers & our house made croutons, balsamic vinaigrette. 3.99sm/7.49lg

Greek Salad GF V
mixed greens with tomato, cucumber, pepperoncini, kalamata olives, feta and red onions, balsamic vinaigrette. 4.99sm/8.99lg

Pizzaiolo Salad GF V
mixed greens with tomato caprese, roasted red and yellow peppers topped with grana parmesan, balsamic vinaigrette. 4.99sm/8.99lg

Spinach Salad GF V
baby spinach, red onion, goat cheese, almonds, dried cranberries and mandarin oranges with our house made citrus vinaigrette. 4.99sm /10.99lg

Arugula Salad GF V
arugula, cherry tomatoes and grana parmesan, balsamic vinaigrette. 4.99sm/8.99lg

Roasted Beet Salad GF V
mixed greens, gorgonzola cheese, hazelnuts and dried cranberries, balsamic vinaigrette. 10.99

Italian Tossed Salad
mixed greens, salami, provolone, ham, kalamata olives, pepperoncini, roasted red and yellow peppers, tossed with our Italian Vinaigrette. 9.99

Cobb Salad GF
mixed greens, grilled chicken, bacon, caramelized onions, tomato, egg and gorgonzola cheese. 11.99


add $2 to make any 12” pizza made without gluten. 12” Small/16” Large

The Pizza Bolognese†  
Neapolitan-style crust with, fresh mozzarella, our beef Bolognese sauce, grana parmesan, olive oil and basil. 13.99/17.99

The White Pizza† V
Neapolitan-style crust with, fresh and smoked mozzarella, ricotta, grana parmesan, spinach, garlic, olive oil and basil. 13.99/17.99

The Caprese† V
Neapolitan-style crust with fresh mozzarella, chopped roma tomatoes, garlic, sea salt, olive oil and fresh basil. 12.99/16.99

The Mediterranean
Neapolitan-style crust with fresh mozzarella, spinach, chicken, kalamata olives, red onions, feta and fresh basil. 14.99/19.99

The Pesto† V
Neapolitan crust with basil pesto, parmesan, fresh mozzarella and slices of roma tomato. 12.99/16.99

The Quattro Stagioni (Four Seasons)
Neapolitan-style crust with fresh mozzarella, artichokes, olives, mushrooms and salami arranged in four quarters to represent the seasons and fresh basil. 13.99/17.99

The Diavala
NY-style crust, hot Italian sausage, red and yellow roasted peppers and spicy peppered mozzarella. 13.99/17.99

The Spicy Veggie V
NY-style crust with mozzarella broccoli, red onions, hot cherry peppers and mushrooms. 12.99/16.99

The Bella
NY-style crust with mozzarella, arugula, prosciutto and grana parmesan. 14.99/19.99

The Liese
NY-style crust with mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, chicken breast and roasted garlic. 12.99/16.99

The Carne Mista
NY-style crust with mozzarella, sliced meatball, pepperoni and prosciutto. 14.99/19.99

The White Tomato†
NY-style crust with ricotta, mozzarella, roasted garlic, fresh sliced tomato and grana parmesan. 12.99/16.99

La Famiglia†
NY-style crust with mozzarella, potato, hardwood smoked bacon, roasted garlic, sliced tomato and grana parmesan. 13.99/17.99

The American
NY-style crust with mozzarella, hardwood smoked bacon, red onion, roasted garlic and fresh sliced tomato. 12.99/16.99

The Goat Cheese†
NY-style crust with mozzarella, caramelized onions, Italian sausage and goat cheese. 15.99/21.99

12” small / 16” large - Choose your pizza style then add from the topping selections below. For 12” Gluten-Free, add 2.00.

The Neapolitan Pizza
our extra virgin olive oil thin crust topped with tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella and fresh basil. 11.99/14.99

The New York Pizza
our thin crust sour dough topped with tomato sauce and whole milk mozzarella cheese. 10.99/13.99

Traditional Toppings    1.99/2.49
anchovies / basil / broccoli / cherry tomatoes / chicken breast / genoa salami / green peppers / grilled eggplant / ham / hot cherry peppers / Italian sausage / house made meatballs / pepperoncini / pepperoni / pineapple / red onions / ricotta / roasted garlic / roasted potato / spinach / sun-dried tomatoes / tomato / white mushrooms
(All GF Except for Meatballs)

Specialty Toppings    2.49/3.49
artichoke / arugula / hardwood smoked bacon / cremini mushrooms / fontina cheese / goat cheese / grana parmesan / kalamata olives / pesto / burratta / prosciutto / roasted red & yellow peppers / smoked mozzarella

† These pizzas do not have tomato sauce.


All Calzones contain mozzarella and ricotta cheese, and are served with a side of marinara sauce. Additional toppings are $1.99 each.

The Spinach V
grana parmesan, & fresh spinach. 9.99

The Market
prosciutto, ham, salami, and pepperoni. 11.99


All pastas are served with garlic toast and topped with grana parmesan and parsley. Gluten Free Pasta is available; please allow extra prep time so that we may prepare your pasta to order.

Chicken Milanese
lightly breaded, pan-fried chicken cutlet served over spinach pasta with a spicy, garlic white wine sauce. 14.99

Shrimp Scampi
jumbo shrimp sautéed with our fresh garlic and white wine sauce, tossed in spinach pasta and finished with fresh lemon. 14.99

Baked Lasagna Bolognese
five layers of pasta, ricotta, mozzarella, grana parmesan and our beef bolognese sauce baked with marinara. 12.99

Chicken Parmesan
lightly breaded breast, fried to order then baked with marinara, provolone and grana parmesan. Served with your choice of spaghetti marinara or steamed broccoli. 12.99

Baked Eggplant Parmesan V
thin sliced eggplant, layered in tomato sauce, baked with mozzarella & grana parmesan, served over rigatoni in marinara. 11.99

Chicken Marsala
thin slices of chicken breast lightly dusted in seasoned flour, sautéed in olive oil then smothered in our cremini mushroom marsala sauce and served over spaghetti. 14.99


Create Your Own Pasta Dish


Choose a Pasta:

  • Rigatoni

  • Spaghetti

  • Penne

  • Gnocchi

  • Spinach Pasta


Choose a Sauce:

  • Alfredo

  • Marinara

  • Pesto

  • Pomodoro

Add-on Options:

  • Bolognese (Angus Beef) +2.00

  • Hot Italian Sausage Marinara (2) +2.00

  • Marinara w/Meatballs (3) +2.00

  • Grilled Chicken + 2.00

  • Sauteéd Shrimp + 5.00

  • Broccoli +1.00

  • Mushroom +1.00

  • Red Onion +1.00

  • Zuchinni +1.00

  • Grape Tomatoes +1.00



Steak Cut Fries    3.49
Beer Battered Onion Rings    3.89
Side of Meatballs (3)    4.99
Side of Italian Sausage (2)    4.99
Side of Grilled Chicken    4.99
Mozzarella Toast with Marinara (6)    4.99
Garlic Toast w/marinara (8)    3.29
Steamed Broccoli    2.99
House Cut Potato Chips    2.99


Cannoli    3.89 single / 5.99 double

Gelato    3.99 sm / 4.99 md / 7.99 lg

Fried Dough    5.59
with powdered sugar & chocolate

The Veggie V
mushrooms, red onion, green pepper, tomato, and roasted garlic. 10.99

Create Your Own
two toppings of your choice served with marinara. 10.99


All sandwiches served with a side of house cut potato chips & dill pickle. Substitute a cup of minestrone soup, fries, caesar or garden side salad for 1.79 or onion rings for 2.49


Meatball Sub
homemade meatballs over provolone cheese, covered in marinara and topped with grana parmesan cheese. 8.99

Chicken Parmesan Sub
lightly breaded and fried to order then baked with provolone cheese and grana parmesan topped with marinara sauce. 8.99

Eggplant Parmesan Sub V
lightly breaded and fried then baked with mozzarella and grana parmesan with marinara sauce. 8.99

Italian Beef
thinly sliced oven roasted top sirloin dipped in au jus and served on a toasted sub roll with provolone cheese and hot & sweet peppers. 9.49

Sausage & Peppers Sub
provolone cheese topped with slow cooked spicy sausage in marinara with onions & peppers. 8.99

Philly Steak    9.49
Grilled Chicken Sub    8.99

choose thinly sliced top sirloin or chicken breast, sautéed with green peppers and onions topped with melted provolone, lettuce and tomato.  add sautéed mushroom .65 or hot cherry peppers .35

Italian Cold Cut Sub
prosciutto di parma, genoa salami, ham, provolone, shredded lettuce, hot cherry peppers, sweet peppers, onions and house made Italian vinaigrette. 8.99

Turkey Sub
oven roasted turkey with provolone, shredded lettuce, hot cherry peppers, sweet peppers, onions and house made Italian vinaigrette. 8.99

choose shaved corned beef or roasted turkey, sauerkraut, swiss cheese and 1000 island dressing on marble rye. 8.99


The Burrata Panini V
Fresh Creamy Burrata cheese layered with Sliced tomato. 10.99

The Bella Panini
with prosciutto di parma, arugula, roasted tomato and grana parmesan. 9.50

Chicken Panini
with smoked mozzarella, basil pesto and roasted balsamic tomato. 8.99

Tuna Panini
albacore tuna salad with melted provolone cheese on marble rye, pickle chips and sliced cucumber. 8.99

Our Fresh Basil Pesto is made in house without nuts or dairy



The Starter
angus beef, with lettuce, tomato, pickle and red onion served on a toasted potato roll. 7.99

The Bacon & Bleu
angus beef, lettuce, tomato, pickle chips, caramelized onions, hardwood smoked bacon and crumbled bleu cheese. 9.49

The “O” Burger
angus beef, lettuce, tomato, pickle chips, sautéed mushrooms, swiss cheese and topped with a crispy fried onion ring. 9.49


Build Your Own Burger!
(Add to the Starter)
add .39 each: cherry peppers / hot peppers / sweet peppers
add .69 each: grilled mushrooms / caramelized onions / pesto / cheddar / american / provolone / swiss
add .99 each: bacon / fried egg / prosciutto /  gorgonzola / goat cheese/ feta / fontina / roasted peppers 


Spaghetti    5.99
with a meatball and sauce on the side

House Breaded Chicken Strips    6.99
with marinara

House Made Macaroni & Cheese V    4.99

Grilled Cheese Sandwich V    4.99
with house cut potato chips

Grilled Chicken & Broccoli GF    6.99


GF = Gluten Free  V = Vegetarian. 

*Consuming raw or undercooked meat, seafood or eggs may be a risk to your health.