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Our Story

It’s the stuff that legends are made of: the dough, the crust, the toppings. Great pizzas may be made from those three ingredients but they are made legendary in the minds and memories from childhood through adulthood. Classic pizza scenes are featured in countless movies where friends and family gather around as they open the pizza box as everyone anticipates that warm box, opening to wafting aroma of tomato, oregano, gooey cheese and their first savory slice.

Good pizza is no stranger to New York transplants Larry and Christine Ponzi. Upon moving to the DC area from the Empire State, as most New Yorkers would attest, your first objective is to find a local place that replicates that slice of childhood.

Sure there were good places, but nothing hit home and in 2006 the couple decided to put to the test their own years of culinary experience in restaurant and consulting.

The first order of business was to perfect a dough recipe to produce a thin crust, with the right crispness and chew reminiscent of the pizza they loved to eat in New York. Next, they fine tuned a Neapolitan dough recipe, sauce and classic pasta dishes largely inspired by Larry’s grandmothers cooking and recipes, who grew up just North of Naples. Add Upstate NY inspirations such as Buffalo style wings, subs, salads and other Italian-American favorites and MANGA! The Ponzi family, with daughters Isabella and Annaliese, opened the doors of Cafe PIZZAIOLO (or "Pizza Maker," in Italian) on January 2nd, 2007 bringing great Italian comfort foods to the neighborhood.  

“But the most vital ingredient to Cafe PIZZAIOLO’s enduring success is our amazing staff that we are fortunate to retain year after year, delivering great food and priceless smiles!”

As parents and active community supporters, Larry and Christine understand what makes a place welcoming is combining good food, good prices in a place that is both kid and adult friendly. Parents appreciate the games for the kids, as much as the carefully selected wine and craft beers.

If home is where the heart is, Cafe PIZZAIOLO is where the hearth is - a welcoming place where everyone feels at home and enjoys great quality food and drink at friendly prices. With a relentless focus on wholesome, high quality ingredients, making food to order and an undying refusal to cut any corners with ingredients or preparation, Cafe Pizzaiolo is here for you!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

The Ponzis and Cafe Pizzaiolo Family

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